How to Repurpose Your Content?

The word “Repurpose your Content” might give you the message of re-doing something, but that’s not exactly the case when it comes to content creation. What we mean is making the most of each content piece by using it in various unique ways—especialyl since you are already are doing so much work to run your business.

We totally understand how exhausting it is to run a business in this ever evolving digital world! You  need to be in the game all the time on social media and different digital platforms to maintain your visibility because you cannot risk any opportunity being missed.We are about to share one of the best tips you’ll ever get about content creation!

We will teach you how you can use one piece of content in different ways on numerous platforms! Sounds unbelievable, right? Let us show you how.

What is the Importance of Repurposing Your Content?

Meeting deadlines while doing hundreds of tasks side-by-side is quite tough now, isn't it? Most of you will agree that you want to save time for managing multiple things simultaneously. The quicker and smarter you are, the more benefit you get. Repurposing content is a huge advantage now. You should start doing it if you are still afraid to do so because of the following reasons:

Creates and Reaches New Audience 

When you ask about their favorite book from different people, you get various answers. Because every person has different preferences and outlooks. In the same way, some people like video infographics more than text data. Some people prefer podcasts over ebooks. So, by repurposing your content for other mediums, you can appeal to a wider range of people and expand your reach.

Improve Visibility 

Don't you want to improve the visibility of the content? The bulk of site traffic mainly comes from organic search. It has a 51 percent share of traffic sources. If this is the case, reusing optimized content in numerous formats can boost organic visibility and traffic significantly. Publishing a range of information offers you more opportunities to find relevant information for specific searches.

Emphasize Your Message 

It is pretty easy to understand that repetition makes your message instill in people’s minds. It is imperative for marketing. Repurposing your articles will continually reach your customers rather than addressing a subject once and then letting it fade away into the archives. When you begin with high-value, authentic content, this strategy works wonders. It is easy to come up with new strategies to reinforce your point. 

Revive the Forgotten Stories 

We all have favorites. That famous article posted by your team member a year ago must be revived and cherished. It was a success back then and people responded warmly to that. This content will have another type of influence on a newer audience and you surely want to know their point of view. Repurposing revives the best content you have made before.  

Promotes Content

You feel ecstatic whenever you put a lot of effort into some piece of material. Quality and pride, however, aren't the only requirements for success. There are a lot of invisible aspects that influence how well that piece of content works. Readers who overlooked your best blog post before will have a chance to see it again. 

How Do You Choose Content for Repurposing? 

The first step in how to repurpose your content for social media is the content selection for repurposing. Consider your metrics while selecting content to repurpose. Consider what has worked effectively in the past and what might be improved to provide a new experience. Look over your archives to see if there is anything that needs to be adjusted.

Previous accomplishments and relevant themes are two signs that the information could be useful if repurposed.

How to Repurpose Your Content for Social Media? 

Republish Your Content

It involves taking a popular blog article, repurposing it for a new audience, and reposting it on your website. You can also make guest posts with increased backlinking on Product Hunt, Quora, or Medium. If you turn your best-written blog into a guide or FAQ guide, it will be a great idea to repurpose your written content. 

Visualize the Content 

It is very interesting to know that blogs with infographics receive 12 percent more traffic and 200 percent more sharing compared to ones without them. For this, you can make visual slides, instructographics, posters, and other things. Instructographics is a relative of infographics with the same style but a stronger focus on the ‘how-to’ part. Pinterest seems to be a popular site for this type of material. 

Make Recordings of Existing Content 

Images are useful, but videos are even more so. Making videos and uploading them to Youtube allows millions of people to see them. Similarly, you can experiment with podcasts and webinars too. Every webinar gained the attention of 148 participants on average. They create a great impact and people connect to them at a personal level. People are taking online courses to improve their work and personal life. Consider turning your educational content beside how-tos through your very own online course, led by a professional industry expert.

Group Existing Content

Don't forget about your content while creating marketing campaigns for the company. Repurpose your old blogs into a well-targeted, well-executed campaign on a specific topic or product. Consider making an email series out of a couple of your top-rated content, with a few additional instructions, demonstrations, and links to help your viewers. If you have a lot of blogs on the same topic, simply compile and rewrite these in the form of an ebook. 

Repost on Social Media 

Sharing the same material to the same crowd may seem odd, but we have discovered it to be beneficial for reaching individuals in various time zones, gaining new followers, as well as evaluating headline variations. According to research, reposting/retweeting can generate 75 percent of the involvement of the initial share.

Well, there are so many things you can mix and match to give a new dimension to your existing content. Repurposing is beneficial but very tricky when it comes to creating unique looking multiple content out of one piece of content. Consulting with professionals in this field will allow you to save your time, while Beyond Story Media takes care of it. While you can focus on your customer handling. We offer the best repurposing tactics and make your existing content even better than before. Book a call with us and we will be happy to serve you!


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