Sales Funnel: The Revenue Booster

Hey! Are you one of those businesses with thousands of followers on social media accounts but don't know how to convert them into sales?

Or, are you one of those businesses having massive traffic coming over your Website, resulting in leads. But, wait…..what? You couldn’t convert those leads?

Maybe you have a channel on Youtube or TikTok for your business with many followers but aren’t seeing a return in the form of sales? 

Ask yourself, what is it that you might be missing to convert these prospects into your customers?

Can't guess?

Well, let us walk you through the ideology of the sales funnel and how this one big step can turn things around!

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is the process that brings your potential customer one step closer to your offer and buying decision with step-by-step activity. This step-by-step process is done through a series of marketing techniques.

These techniques can be done using numerous marketing tools such as automated emails, videos, articles, and landing pages that will lead your potential customers towards their last step of buying your product or services.

Now let us explain why it has become a new trend in the current situation for every business.

The Real Struggles of a Business

Whenever you start a business, you spend tons of effort, time, and energy to invest in this asset to make it grow. You make websites, run ads, create social media accounts, create engagement activities to interact with our potential customers. Eventually, expect to convert traffic and leads into sales.

You followed every step of digital marketing to ensure your products/ services reached your customers. But what isn't working?

Reasons for no Conversions

Your social media and website traffic may indicate that you have a considerable number of followers interested in your products and services, which means that you are in the right place. However, to persuade your customers to buy your products/services is another challenge all by itself.

In this ever-evolving digital era, things are not as simple as ten years ago. Everything is moving at a breakneck pace, with tons of options showing up every minute as your prospects scroll their social media accounts.

Customer Behaviour

In this digital world, a customer's buying behaviour has changed. Because every minute if they see a massive number of products and options, they'll get confused to make the decision. A customer nowadays wants everything instantly.

No one has time to look at your 2-minute video ad. It takes just a few seconds to make the customer think if they should stick around or pass on what you are saying.

Overwhelming Digital Platforms

We live in a digitally overwhelmed place, which involves technology at every step of the day-to-day duties. That being said, your customers see numerous ads, receive calls and information that provides tons of options for even just one need. When your customer is overwhelmed with this much information, then they are probably overwhelmed by it.

The inability of Decision Making

Do you know when you are overwhelmed with a lot of unnecessary information, it gets hard for you to make a decision? Well, the same happens with your customers. The amount of information going across their minds makes them unclear about their buying decisions. Now that's where we help them to make the process easier for them.

Traditional Marketing vs. Sales Funnel Through a Real-Life Story

This story is about two business owners who started their business in the same niche at the same time. One was Mr. Richard, and the other one was Mr. David.

Mr. Richard was a business graduate and had specialized in marketing; for that reason, he decided that he would take care of all his marketing activities under his supervision. He thought he was more aware and intelligent enough to handle everything the way he wanted.

On the other hand, Mr. David knew very little about marketing, but he was determined to be in the business and do whatever it takes to flourish his online business. Because he was a good investor and did not want to be left out due to being less knowledgeable, he hired some professional help to plan his marketing strategy.

Richard made his business website, social media accounts then hired staff to take care of social media activities.

David did the same as Richard then both spent an ample amount on posts on websites, social media, and much more. They both made ad campaigns for their business, gained thousands of followers on social media, and got thousands of visitors on their Websites.

The Outcome

After 6 months of hard work, the only difference between both businesses was that David was getting 60% more sales than Richard. Now let's see what they had been doing differently:

  • They both started at the same time

  • They both entered the same niche

  • They both did strategic digital marketing

  • They both used ads to promote their businesses

  • They both had Social Media Presence and Google Presence

  • They both had almost the same followers and visitors

Does this sound like a mystery case?

Let us tell you the reason why David had 60% more sales than Richard. t's because Richard made a traditional website, did every step according to the same way as other businesses were doing, and assumed that he was an expert in his niche and knew everything.

On the other hand, David hired an expert team to execute his marketing strategies. They included the plan of incorporating a Sales Funnel in every tool they were using for marketing such as a landing page, youtube channel, social media ads, and posts. All were done using the funnel technique.

Reason for Different Results

Although everything was the same, the Sales Funnel for David's business allowed his customers a path to make a decision. The decision of either buying their product or keeping them engaged. Even though many customers were following both of them, customers generally need a little persuasion to buy products. Through a funnel, David and his team focused on converting their leads into sales with a step-by-step process of walking down their potential customers to become their actual customers!

How Sales Funnels Can Allow your Business a Massive Impact on Revenue

Sales Funnels have countless benefits if you compare them with traditional digital marketing: 

  1. They grab the attention of your potential customers within a matter of few seconds through their catchy graphics and hooking content.

  2. Sales funnels are not restricted to specific tools and can be incorporated with any marketing tool such as a website, a video, a blog post, a social media post, or a landing page.

  3. You have a variety to choose which marketing tool will give you a massive response in the Sales Funnel based on your data. For example, some businesses get more visits on their TikTok account rather than their Website, while some may visit more on your Website.

Beyond Story Media focuses on this technique to capture the opportunities for businesses and convert them into revenue. Beyond Story Media is all about multiplying your revenue in a matter of a few months. We are a team of experts who build a value ladder of your product in the Digital World. We make a highly successful Sales Funnel Map for your product branding and sales.

Book a Free Call with our experts to discuss your Sales Funnel Map with us right now!


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