Omnipresence: The Power of Being Everywhere 

Are you the one struggling to get noticed by customers? Do you want to take your business to that level and achieve brand recognition? Don’t know how to expand your reach all around the globe? Perhaps your social media accounts have a lot of followers but still no improvement in your sales,  Or you are making videos and podcasts for your brand but not getting enough response from the viewers? Well, you are not alone.

There are so many brands and businesses out there that can’t seem to figure out what is lacking. Despite putting a lot of hard work into branding and advertisement, they do not meet their goals. 

Here’s a quick question for you.

Do you remember “Ba-da-ba-baaa….I’m lovin’ it”? Yes, you guessed that right, it was Mcdonald's famous advertisement that you used to see on TV screens a lot. It was everywhere, no matter which country you came from. The brand was and still is all over the place. You probably sang along with it every time it ran on the TV. You see, this is what omnipresence is.

So, if you need help figuring out the root cause behind your business reach problem, do not worry. We are here to help you find those solutions. It is high time that you learn how to be omnipresent in the market and reach customers everywhere. 

Omnipresence Definition 

Omnipresence means ‘being present everywhere’. A company or brand that has achieved omnipresence is encountered everywhere by potential customers. An omnipresent brand appears everywhere a customer turns, even when they aren’t looking to learn about the brand or its offerings.  These consistent and widespread appearances over time are part of a strategy to achieve dominance in the market. 

Let’s examine other cases. Haven’t you seen Lays everywhere in the world? Whether you live in Japan or Korea, or even a remote village in Timbuktu, you will find multiple flavors of chips there. You must have been to different cities and explored quite a lot of places. There is one thing common in them as we know what that is. Coca-cola drinks! The brand is the real depiction of omnipresence definition. Now, think of Samsung for a moment. The brand is everywhere. The smartphones with Samsung written on them are roaming all around the globe. Here is a task for you. Think of the brand that you’ve seen at different places you have visited in the last five years. Surely, you’ll get some names in your head!

Why is Omnipresence So Important for Your Businesses? 

To become a brand like Nike and Coca-cola where your name is enough for everybody to buy your products, you need to upgrade your business marketing strategies. For that, you need to understand the importance of omnipresence for businesses. People know things and most importantly remember things that are somewhere already present in their memory. As we have mentioned about Mcdonald's, people all over the world know the name even if they haven’t eaten it. McDonalds is widely recognized from their logo alone, and that is what makes their business successful. 

Omnipresence required not only hard work but smart work too. It is one way of how you think about your brand. Being overexposed does not hurt anybody, right? Whenever you are traveling somewhere and suddenly need coffee, what comes to your mind? Starbucks! Though they don’t have the best taste in the world yet they are the top coffee brand in the world. You may have not seen them in many countries but still, the people of those countries know it. Similarly, this is what makes people buy a coffee or drink from Starbuck; they have now reached a point where they don't need any advertisement.

Omnipresence is imperative because it makes customers think about you on different levels. If your business does not have its name at several places, you will never get enough attention from enough customers. All your Youtube videos and Facebook posts won't achieve their full potential if you are not present in multiple places simultaneously. You must think of strategies and ways that can get you somewhere near omnipresence. Beyond Story Media is the platform you need.

We will get to that later. First, we’ll tell you about the different benefits of omnipresence and see how it builds your brand. 

Benefits: How Does Omnipresence Build Your Brand? 

It is only when you understand the benefits of omnipresence that you can identify the amount of value you would be adding to your business.

  • Priority for Customers

Becoming a priority for the customers is the best thing any brand can think of. If you are the top choice of customers, you will generate a lot of profit. This is because people will buy your product at any cost because of how famous and how widespread you are. Omnipresence, you see!

  • Recognition

When you are in front of people’s eyes all the time, they start recognizing you. They might get to a point where they talk about you while having a conversation with friends. They take interest in your message and slogan once they start recognizing your brand.

  • Market Domination 

You score if you are right next to your customers not only at a single platform but ruling over the internet in the form of ads, youtube videos, podcasts, Fb posts, Email inbox, and whatnot. If your customers are seeing you daily simultaneously at different platforms, you are the king of your market competitors. 

  • Less sensitivity in Pricing

Once you become the regular show to customers’ eyes, they will always get ready to pay for the things you sell, no matter how expensive the thing is. For instance, Apple is launching iPhones every 1-2 years and people are buying them with equal interest although being expensive on the pocket. 

  • Loyal Customers

When people recognize you and know of you from your name, they become your loyal customers. They support you no matter what. 

  • Diversification 

Omnipresence means you are present on whole social media and other sources of branding. This automatically increases your reach 100X than other brands that are not omnipresent.

To sum it up, omnipresence is vital for your business, especially in this era of technology where multiple marketing strategies are available. To compete with other brands of a similar sort and then to make your position among customers, developing omnipresence strategies are a must. Beyond Story Media does the same for you. Yes, you heard that right! We will help you choose the right strategy to take your business everywhere. Through our services and storytelling, you will reach your goal at an exceptionally higher speed than before.  Get in touch to find out how we can create and implement a customized strategy that will make your brand or business omnipresent by visiting us.


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